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Japan is seeing a consistent rise in child abuse, crime and violence at the puberty stage. These problems clearly reflect the social structure surrounding children and the family. The future of Japan hangs in the balance as we face these pressing, urgent problems and seek to deal with them.
The Childrens Rainbow Center was established to deal with these issues by: Calling on first-line professionals in the field to assist, gathering high-level information of technical support, and expression of opinions.

Along with its training function, the Center shall have an information function, a professional counseling function, and a research function so as to meet the demands inherent in the current situation in which children and families find themselves, seeking to provide them with better assistance.
The Center seeks to fulfill its responsibilities in close cooperation with the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, government agencies, private support organizations, professional groups and nationwide research institutes, etc., in addressing these issues in many sectors (e.g., welfare, health, medicine).

In the name of the children whose hands hold the future, the Center earnestly requests your cooperation for the realization of a society in which they may live in peace, thanks to the earnest assistance that will make the 21st century the " Century of Children " for them and their families.

The work of the Center and its projects will develop with the following functions as a basis.

1.Professional training

2.Professional counseling

3.Providing professional expert information

4.Research Activities

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